Sunday 8 July 2018

BARNFIELD: JULY9 (2018) - "Poppies"

It being the 70th Anniversary of WW1, this years exhibition is of Fred's 5 paintings of "Poppies."

Fred left instructions for viewing these five works which he painted as part of his deep feeling of loss for those who died in WW1. After hearing about the science of how the optic nerve works, he explained to me that staring at the paintings intently for some time (maybe a minute) then closing the eyes immediately would result in Red Poppies being “seen” via an optical illusion & reverse coloured backgrounds. There are a few other works that he continued this experiment with & it’s an interesting game to play with any work of art for want of a quiet game to play in galleries. Fred enjoyed the odd very involved practical joke & I wondered if it was all a ruse to get an extra minutes silence out of the viewing public. What do you think?

View the paintings here:

Happy Birthday Fred.

PS. Fans of Fred's Art may be interested in an auction of some of his works next week.

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